Hey, I'm Craig Johnson

Full-time product designer,

Part-time baker / gamer / gardener.

he/him / istj / left-handed.

Born in the 80s, raised in the south pacific, and based in Europe for ~10+ years.

12+ years of experience in the ever-changing product and design world

at companies like Hotjar, Twelfthman, xailabs and Zalando Lounge.

Currently @ GetYourGuide in a B2B affiliate partner marketing growth team.


[Writing] Medium profile - Ongoing

[Visual design] Dribbble profile - Ongoing

[Music] Bandcamp - Ongoing

[Illustration] Sketch book - Ongoing

[Photography] Photo blog - Ongoing

[Visual journal] Cinemtaic video games - Ongoing

[Music] Be Present. Enjoy. - 2021

[Poem] My privilege stockpile - 2021

[Article] How the UX team held an online meetup — without the Zoom fatigue - 2021

[Article] Designers, achieve your OKRs with this simple workshop - 2020

[Website] The church of pizza and next day reheats - 2019

[Poem] Just remember - 2017

[Article] A Buyers Guide to Flag Design - 2015

[Website] Nero Padilla - 2014

[Promo short] Mutuo mural promotional video - 2012

[Interactive installation] Phatic communication - 2011

[Short film] Lies & fabrications - 2010

[Promo short] Tardigotchi - 2009

[Interactive installation] The last man standing - 2009

[Design thinking] Design led futures - 2009

[Interactive installation] Graveside - 2008

[Short film] I am Derek - 2007


You won’t find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram…

so the best way to get in touch is to drop me a message on LinkedIn.